About Us

We are a motivated team of filmmakers from Dusseldorf who set their goal to support talented newcomers in all facettes of filmmaking


"People with talent have never been too young or too old." (translated)

© Peter E. Schumacher (1941 - 2013), Aphorisms collector and publisher

Xavier Storma


Technical Director, Creative Content, Production

Julia-Maria Roth


Financial Director, Creative Content, Production

Marie-Jeanne Widera


Marketing & Public Relations, Creative Content, Production


Our style mirrors the international cinema, which distances itself from German Cinema with diversified production styles and the willingness to take risks. We do not focus on one film genre, but serve the complete narrative and stylistic spectrum of the medium film.


We introduce to you a new form of filmmaking and production: The Pre-Production-Teaser, which addresses the audience directly to testbed if there is a response to a certain film idea. Using the full potential of interaction via multimedia we want to stay in touch with our target group throughout the movie making process. 


We are looking for investors and cooperation partners in coproduction, distribution, marketing, television, video, streaming, IPTV, Web-TV, advertising and liscenses. Feel free to contact us if you want to know more.

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