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GOTTERDAMMERUNG Preproduction-Teaser:



"1943: World War 2 in its final stage. The allied forces are about to overrun the German Reich when Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler seeks a mystical power which will turn the fortune to their favor. The allied forces must dispatch their best agent to prevent the impending end of the world..."

Status: Pre-Production (Preproduction-Teaser released)

Genres: Action, Fantasy, Adventure

Director: Phil Ramcke

Written By: Manuel Mitterlehner

Story By: Phil Ramcke

Cast: Dennis Madaus, Rebecca Dyson-Smith, Steffen Will, Marie-Jeanne Widera, Xavier Storma, Ingo Wimmer

Produced By: Julia-Maria Roth, Marie-Jeanne Widera, Phil Ramcke, Xavier Storma

Country: Germany, Norway

Language: Englisch

Release Date: Aiming at a 2021 cinematic release

Also Known As: Gods Dawn, Götterdämmerung, Goetterdaemmerung

Production Company: Roman Sky Pictures


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