"Unconditional love: Crown princess Mireille is obsessed with testing loyalty of potential suitors using her little sister Angelique as a decoy, judge and executioner if they fail, but then Angelique falls in love with one of them..."

Pre-Production-Teaser: Mireille & Angelique (in cooperation with "Lukas Bartels Cinematic"):

© Ricarda Reich

© Sven Hasselbach

Status: Pre-Production (Pre-Production-Teaser Finished And Released)

Genres: Drama, Historical, Fairytale

Director: Julia-Maria Roth

Written By:  Kata Nimac

Story By: Marie-Jeanne Widera

Cast:  Marie-Jeanne Widera, Rebecca Reich

Produced by: Andrés Jauernick, Xavier Storma

Country: Germany, Poland

Language: Englisch

Release Date: To Be Determined

Also Known As: M&A

Production Companies: Roman Sky Pictures, Gaucho North Productions Inc.



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