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Gotterdammerung (2020) - Motion Picture - Official Homepage - Gotterdammerung.de

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Adventure



"1943: World War 2 in its final stage. The allied forces are about to overrun the German Reich when Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler seeks a mystical power which will turn the fortune to their favor. The allied forces must dispatch their best agent to prevent the impending end of the world..."


Directed By: Phil Ramcke

Written By: Manuel Mitterlehner

Based On A Story By: Phil Ramcke

Starring: Dennis Madaus, Rebecca Dyson-Smith, Steffen Will, Marie-Jeanne Widera, Xavier Storma, Ingo Wimmer

Mireille & Angelique (2020) - Motion Picture

Genre: Drama, Historical, Fairytale



"Unconditional love: Crown princess Mireille is obsessed with testing loyalty of potential suitors using her little sister Angelique as a decoy, judge and executioner if they fail, but then Angelique falls in love with one of them..."


Directed By: Julia-Maria Roth

Written By: Kata Nimac

Based On A Story By: Marie-Jeanne Widera

Starring: Marie-Jeanne Widera, Rebecca Reich

Mantikor (2018) - Short - Official Homepage

Genre: Crime, Thriller



"A young man wants to join a criminal organisation..."


Directed By: Duc-Anh Dinh

Written By: Duc-Thi Bui

Based On A Story By: Norman Mummert

Starring: Samuel Prost, Denis "Marschall" Ölmez, Caroline Schreiber 

Stalking For Starters (tbd) - Motion Picture - Work In Progress

Genre: Comedy, Romance



"Dating detours: Why do you meet the man of your dreams when you don't expect it at all? And then you won't even dare to ask for his mobile number, nor his name! Arriving at home this means intense research! A hilarious comedy somewhere in between enthusiasm and FBI-style stalking!"


Directed By: To Be Determined

Written By: To Be Determined

Based On A Story By: Julia-Maria Roth And Tatiana Salazar

Starring: To Be Determined

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